Hydra Sleeps Here

Curtis holt 12 hydra png

Finished Piece.

Curtis holt basicsketch jpg

Drafting sketch for first phase layout.

Curtis holt basicsketch2

Drafting sketch for second phase layout.

Curtis holt hydrainblender

Hydra in Blender.

Curtis holt 02

Original Hydra Head in 3D-Coat.

Made for SculptJanuary 2017 Day 12 - "Hydra"
This was a lot of fun. The base head was sculpted in 3D-Coat, with extra details added with Blender's Dyntopo.

The necks were done by sculpting a base segment in Blender, using an array modifier to increase the segments by offset, and combining that with a curve modifier to get the twisting shape.

Everything was composed in Unity3D, camera effects and colour grading was done here too.
Post processing (extra highlights and misc fixes) were done with Sketchbook Pro.